Personal info

janake4653wI have a Diploma of Osteopathy, D.O. and am a member of the Swedish  Osteopathic Association.

I am registered for VAT and I also hold a full insurance cover. I am not connected to the General Health Care of Region Skåne. The treatment is funded entirely by you.

I have always been interested in the function of our bodies. I qualified as an assistant nurse. During a trip to England I got a sudden attack of food poisoning and saw an osteopath. I found the treatment very pleasant as it were very gentle. The osteopath performed three adjustments of my pelvis and thorax. Immediately after the treatment I asked him if he could teach me, but he replied that he was too old, but that I should be able to find suitable training in England or in Sweden.

Eventually I got a degree in massage theraphy, medicine discipline and osteopathy after seven years study at Axelson´s in Stockholm, the Complementary Medicine High School in Malmoe, at the Scandinavian Osteopathic School in Gothenburg, Sweden and further training yearly at John Wernham College of Classic Osteopathy, Maidstone, England.

I look forward to meet you.

Portrait photo by Erika Bertsjö