Patient stories

• I am a woman of forty seven and I was seeking help  for pain and stiffness in my lumbar spinal area which I got from horse riding. My experience from the treatment is that it is gentle, not at all painful. I enjoyed being taken care of and most important of all, I experienced a distinct improvement. Today I have no pain at all.

• I am more mobile and free from pain. I have a better quality of life than I have ever had. As a bonus I got rid of my headaches. Today they are gone. They were caused by the tension in my neck. Nobody else has been able to help me with this before.

• I am a man in my sixties and for a long time I have had problems with my back. By the time Jan-Åke had given me five treatments, I was rid of my dull pain and my limited mobility, which I have had to live with for many years.