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Q: What happens during an osteopathic treatment?

A: The osteopath asks you what your symtoms are, as well as previous diseases and complaints. He/she performs both passive and active tests in search for the origins of your ailments.

Q: How long does a treatment last?

A: The first visit lasts for 60 minutes. The next one and the following ones take about 50 minutes. The number of treatments vary. The osteopath and the patient discuss anew how and whether to continue the treatment (make up a treatment plan).

Q: How do I dress/undress for  a treatment?

Answer: You keep your underwear on. It is not necessary for you to take off all your clothes. The pictures in the gallery on my website show what it might look like during a typical treatment.

Q: Can osteopathy do something about me tennis elbow?

A: Osteopathy is used for many different disorders, e.g. tennis elbow, golf elbow, neck/back problems and muscular tensions/pains.

Q: How many osteopaths are there in Sweden?

A: Today, there are about 380 osteopaths in Sweden.

Q: Can I continue the treatment on my own?

A: During and after a completed series of treatments, the osteopath might show and give you some exercises that you can do on your own.

Q: I have a business, can you visit us there?

A: Yes, if it is in the vicinity. Please contact me and I will give you an offer, for you and your company.